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Activate emails on your domain

Registering a domain name gives you the opportunity to register email addresses, which are placed on the SwizzHosting platform.

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Here's how to activate email addresses on your domain.

  1. Login to your SwizzHosting cPanel
  1. In the email section click on Email Accounts.

  1. On the summary page, click on the Create button.
  1. Enter the name of the email address you wish to create
  1. Specify the password you will use to access your mailbox. Remember that the password must have a security level of at least 65.
  1. Choose whether to assign a specific size to the email address or keep the default values
  1. Confirm the creation of the box by clicking on the Create button.


The size occupied by the mailboxes is calculated in the global space of the hosting package.

This means that if your e-mails take up a lot of space, when the limits of the hosting package are reached, your website will no longer work either.

We therefore advise you to give each email address an appropriate size for the type of SwizzHosting you have.

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