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Associate the domain with hosting

If you purchase hosting with Swizzonic, the next step is to associate it with your domain. To do this, here are the steps to take, considering that the proposal Hosting Swizzonic leaves a great deal of autonomy thanks to the Control Panel, which can be accessed at the time of purchase.

One must therefore:

  1. Go to the home page and log in following this procedure
  1. In the Domains and products list, choose the domain you wish to associate with a hosting product
  1. Click on the DOMAIN ASSOCIATION icon
  1. Click on EDIT.
  1. Drag the "www " of the domain next to the hosting you want to use

  1. Click on APPLY.
  1. Wait about 15 minutes before the settings are active

Once this is done, the domain is correctly associated and the hosting service purchased guarantees the correct operation of this and everything else that comes with the package. Any further information is always available in the section FAQ of the Swizzonic website.

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