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Access code recovery

Follow these steps to easily retrieve your User Name (also called UserName or ID) and/or password to access your Control Panel on Swizzonic.

  1. Connect to
    In the top right-hand corner of the screen, on the navigation bar, you will find a box with the heading Client Area.

2. Click on the Client area box, a page similar to the one you see in the image will open up

2. Leave the two fields blank and click on the 'Forgot your password?' link.

4. On the next page, select one of the available recognition methods from the list

5. Finish by entering the value corresponding to the chosen parameter. Click on Proceed

6. You will be presented with a visual captcha to complete. Select the images that meet the requirements and click on VERIFY

Once you have identified yourself, within a few minutes, our system will automatically send a message to your email address (the one you associated with your profile during registration). If you do not receive the email, please also check your Spam folder.

7. Click on the Reset password button or the link in the email

8. Enter your new password, which must be between 8 and 15 characters long. Click on Proceed

Your new password has been saved and our system will automatically send you a confirmation email containing your customer number.


If your email address is no longer active and you wish to have your new password sent to another email address, follow the procedure described on this page

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