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Generate the CSR and start certificate validation

After purchasing an SSL certificate, the first thing to do to associate it with the domain and obtain it is to generate the CSR file and its private key (KEY).

In the Swizzonic Customer Area there is a tool for creating the CSR file, so follow these steps:

  1. Access the Customer Area by entering your login credentials (If you do not remember how to do this, click here)
  1. Click on the SSL Certificate to be activated in the right-hand side menu of the control panel, in the TO BE ACTIVATE section.
  1. Click on the link our tool, which will be visible in the text of the page
  1. Fill in the form starting with the domain or subdomain to which you wish to associate the SSL Certificate, the exact name of your company (or name and surname in the case of a natural person), the city, the country code (e.g. IT for Italy) and the county.
  2. Accept the terms and conditions and then click on the GENERATE link to proceed.
  1. You will be asked to automatically download a zip file containing the two files required to request and use your SSL certificate. Proceed with the download


Save this file in a safe place. You must keep it for the duration of the SSL Certificate.

If the private key is lost or deleted, it will be necessary to reissue the SSL Certificate in order to install it.

  1. Extract the files into a folder.

The two files have these characteristics:

File .csr

This is the file to start the request for issuing the SSL Certificate to the Certification Authority.

The CSR file is enclosed in two lines like these:


File .key

This is the private key required to install the SSL Certificate once it has been issued.

The KEY file is enclosed in two lines like these:


  1. Using a text file viewer (e.g. Notepad on Windows), open the file with the extension .csr
    Select the entire contents of the file (including the first and last dotted lines) and copy it (CTRL+C or Command+C)
  1. Enter the copied text on the SSL Certificate activation page (CTRL+V or Command+V), select the web server (for swizzhosting cPanel) and click on Verify.

  1. Now choose the type of validation you want from:
  • Automatic DNS validation: visible and selected by default only if the domain uses Swizzonic's authoritative DNS. We recommend that you do not change this setting and proceed in this mode.
  • Email validation: you must choose one of the e-mail addresses present, to which you will receive a verification e-mail from the Certification Authority
  • Manual DNS validation: you will have to save the details of the record that will be proposed to you, which you will have to configure after starting the request.
  1. Fill in the remaining data, tick consent to accept and click Send.

You will receive instructions by e-mail from the Authority, which will carry out the appropriate checks to issue the certificate.


Issuance times may vary depending on the type of certificate requested and the accuracy of the data entered. We recommend that you always enter up-to-date and accurate data relating to the owner company, especially if the SSL Certificate is of the OV and EV type.

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