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How to activate MicroSite on your domain

Included with your domain, you can activate the MicroSite service free of charge to create a professional one-page site optimised for all devices.

Activating it is very easy

  1. Access your customer area at
  1. Select the domain on which you want to activate MicroSite
  1. Click on the Micro Site & Courtesy Page icon and then click on PROCEED.
  1. You will access the Swizzonic shopping cart, but don't worry: you won't be charged and you won't have to select any payment method. However, you must accept the terms of service.
  1. After completing your order, wait about 10 minutes. Then return to your control panel.

In the list Other services, you will find the link to Microsite & Simply Suite.

  1. Click on the Choose a template button and select your favourite template from the many available.

Once you have chosen your template, you can start creating your site and customise it with the available modules and widgets!


MicroSite and Simply Site are very flexible and customisable.

Each template chosen is highly customisable.

Once you have chosen a template, you can only change it by resetting the content you have already entered. So make sure you select the template you actually want to use before you start composing your site.

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