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Setting up a redirect

To make your domain redirect to the home page of another domain, you can configure a redirect.

To set up the redirect, you must first activate SwizzFree hosting, which every domain registered with Swizzonic AG has.

If you have purchased a paid hosting and have not yet set it up, first follow the procedure in this guide

  1. Access your customer area at
    If you do not remember how to do this, follow this procedure

Activate SwizzFree hosting

  1. Select the domain to which you want to set up the redirect

  1. Click on the SwizzHosting icon

  1. Press the Start Now button
  1. Continue to shopping cart page

IMPORTANT: Accept the terms of service and continue.

The shopping cart is required for internal procedures. You will see Cost 0 for the SwizzFree package

Set up redirect

  1. Log in to your cPanel dashboard and select the References link

  1. On the next page select the type of redirect you want to apply, enter the destination url and click on Add. Your redirect will now be up and running


The redirect consists of directing the home page of domain A to the home page of domain B.

If you want to activate mirror hosting instead, you will have to act from the Aliases area of cPanel

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