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How to change the templates of Microsite and Simply Site

The change of the graphical template of Simply Site can be done autonomously in the Customer Area of Swizzonic but it is an operation that involves the reinstatement of the product and the loss of all published content

Please note that any Simply Site template is totally modifiable: you can achieve the desired look and feel of your site by working on individual elements and the overall page layout of the current template.

If you would rather start from scratch by selecting a different template from the initial one, follow the procedure to reset a new graphic template.


The template change procedure requires you to reset all the content you have already entered.

Make sure you have saved your content on your computer before proceeding.

  1. Access your customer area at
    If you do not remember how to do this, follow this procedure
  1. In the Other services list in the side menu, click on Microsite & Simply Suite
  1. Proceed to publish your site with the initial template.
  1. After publishing, return to the Simply Site management page and click on the menu icon at the top right (the three horizontal lines).
  1. Click on Reset Site.
  1. A warning message will appear.

IMPORTANT: by changing the template all images and content will be permanently deleted. Check the box I have understood and click on PROCEED.

  1. The system will take you back to the start page with the choice of template. Make another choice and start creating your site again!

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