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Modifying PHP.ini and PHP Version

In the course of the life of a website, it may be necessary to change the PHP version or the php.ini settings for various reasons. Hosting platforms, as well as web software, are constantly being updated, and it is often necessary to adopt new functions for the security of your website. For example, enabling error logging, increasing the amount of memory available for PHP and much more.

To change a parameter in the php.ini, just follow the steps below:

  1. Log in to your Swizzhosting dashboard and access cPanel

2. Click on Select PHP Version

PHP version selection

To change the PHP version, follow these steps in order:

  • Click on the version link at the top of the page (current)
  • Select the desired version
  • Click again on the version link at the top (set as current)

The PHP version will now be modified


By updating your PHP version, you will also update the list of functions supported by the servers. So make sure that the web software you use (WordPress, Joomla, etc.) is compatible with the PHP version you have chosen. Updating PHP with new versions may mean that your web software is no longer fully functional.

Edit php.ini

In order to change the server's directives, click on Options

Edit the directive you need by choosing from the menu or typing values into the corresponding fields. The changes will be applied within a few seconds.

And if that's not enough…


In order to be able to set different directives, without using the Cpanel GUI, you can insert the desired value directly into the .htaccess file of your site with the following directive:

php_value "valore"
php_flag "valore"

This allows you to enable all desired customisations except for system configurations.

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