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How to set up and publish your site with MicroSite/SimplySite

If you have purchased Simply Site or Micro Site and do not know how to create the pages of your new site and publish them online, follow this procedure.

  1. Access your customer area at
    If you do not remember how to do this, follow this procedure
  1. Click on the Micro site & Simply suite entry in the sidebar under Other Services.
  1. Click on Choose a model
  1. Choose the template that best suits your needs. Remember that you can customise it as you wish!

    Hover over the templates, click on Preview to see all sections of the template and click on Start creating when you have chosen the template that suits you.
  1. Use the editor to customise your website pages for different devices (PC, tablet and smartphone).
    Use the left side menu or click on the different page elements to edit them. You can change the contents of the site whenever you like by accessing the editor again from your control panel.
  1. Click on Publish
  1. Choose which domain to publish your site on. You can use a domain maintained by Swizzonic, or even one maintained by another provider.

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