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What is included with Swizzonic domains?

No matter which domain you choose, you will receive a full package of free services to help you start your online journey. Because it is important to us that you are successful online, these additional services are already included with each domain - at no extra cost.

SiteBuilder Free (OnePage)

Register your favorite domain and create your own website using the tool! Permanently free and no technical knowledge required.

1 GB

1 GB of free web space on which you can use WordPress incl. free AI Site Assistant (AI) to create your website using artificial intelligence. Other CMS can also be installed.


Be unique and professional with a personalised email address based on your domain name.


Gestion autonome du DNS. A higher level of security and protection against cyber attacks for your website thanks to DNSSEC protocol.

∞ Subdomains

Get an unlimited number of subdomains and register as many as you need.


With WebMail you can access your emails online anytime and anywhere - ideal for email management while you are on the move!


How can I buy/ register a domain?

Find domain

You can use the search bar at the top to check whether your preferred domain is still available. Simply enter the desired domain name and click on find domain.

Customize order

During the ordering process, you have the option of assigning a larger hosting package directly to the domain, for example. 1 GB is already included in each domain.

Buy domain

Finally, you will be asked to provide some information about the holder of the domain. Then select your favored payment method and complete the purchase.

How to find your perfect domain


You have no idea what your domain should be called yet, or your desired domain is already registered? Then a brainstorming session may help you to find suitable ideas. Collect terms that reflect the content of your future online presence and try out different variations. You will see how quickly you can come up with lots of great ideas for a suitable domain name this way.


In general, short and memorable domain names are recommended. This makes it easier for users to remember your domain. If you register a name that contains umlauts, special characters or hyphens, it is advisable to register the same domain name without them. This way you can avoid potential customers having difficulties finding your website.

Domain ending

There are countless domain endings to choose from. It is worth taking a closer look. For example, if you have an online store and operate internationally, the popular .com domain ending could be ideal for you. If you want to highlight your company locally, a Swiss domain ending (.ch) may be more suitable. Other domain endings like .pizza and .hair help you to highlight your business.


Other domain services


Do you need information about a domain? Type it in and find out whether your desired domain is still available or has already been registered.

Domain Transfer

Transfer your domain name to Swizzoni.ch: it is fast and easy. Read all the requirements specification to do it, before you start the procedure.

Premium Domains

The precious domains that contain your Brand strength. Invest in a value domain which is highly representative for your business.


  • What is a domain?

    A domain is an essential component of a website and plays an important role in its identification and findability on the Internet. It serves as a unique address, so to speak, under which a website can be reached and can be found and accessed by users.

    A domain consists of a name and an extension, such as ".ch" or ".com".

    By choosing a meaningful and easy-to-remember domain, companies and individuals can strengthen their online presence and establish their brand. Find your desired domain at Swizzonic, ICANN's officially accredited registrar with the largest domain portfolio.

  • What is a domain needed for?

    A domain is an important prerequisite for setting up your own website or online presence. It serves as a unique address on the World Wide Web that visitors can use to access the website.

    With a domain, it is possible to use an individual e-mail address with your own domain name, which enables professional and reputable communication.

  • Can I buy/ register more than one domain?

    Of course. You can register as many domains as you like, as long as they are still available and not taken. To find out whether your desired domain is still available, simply enter the desired domain name (e.g. swizzblog) here.

    If you already know which domain extension you want, enter it directly (e.g. swizzblog.ch).

  • What is a subdomain?

    A subdomain is a subdivision of a main domain and is used to identify and organize different areas or functions of a website. It is formed by a prefixed name and a dot before the main domain (e.g. blog.swizzonic.ch).

    Subdomains allow you to structure content thematically and offer users of your site better orientation and easy navigation. In addition, they also make it possible to manage and market different aspects of the website separately.

    Although subdomains are technically independent of the main domain, they still retain a certain context and therefore represent an extension of the main website.

  • How much does a domain cost?

    In our offer there is a variety of domains, each with different prices.

    You can find a price list with all available domain endings here.

  • How can I find out who owns a domain?

    The Whois directory provides information on the current holder of a domain. However, this information has recently been restricted for data protection reasons. As a result, not all details about the domain owner are available.

    However, to try to contact the holder, you can contact the registrar's support team and ask them to put you in touch with the holder.

    Or use our service for "Negotiations for already registered domains". You can find more information here.

What about Swizzonic?

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