Why choose WooCommerce hosting from Swizzonic?

Easy setup
1 click to install

Set up your own WooCommerce web shop with 1 click on a hosting platform optimized for WordPress and e-commerce.

Fast & Reliable
Exceptional performance

Get a blazingly fast web shop on servers with 99,99 % uptime and the latest version of PHP, optimized for WordPress and WooCommerce.

Safe customers
Free SSL protection

All our packages include a free SSL certificate from Let's Encrypt, making it secure for your customers to do business on your website.

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Total hosting control and extraordinary performance.

Managed Hosting

Managed updates, site monitoring and top performance.
SSL Certificate
Unlimited traffic
Hourly & Daily backups
1 GB PHP Memory
1024 MB Varnish cache | APCu | HTTP/2 | OpCache
Email Boxes
Free Migration service
293,90 CHF
yearly, including VAT

323,90 CHF
yearly, including VAT

Domain 1 1
Web Space 250 GB 250 GB
Managed Updates
Test environment 5
Database MySQL 1 x 10 GB 1 x 10 GB
+ 1x10 GB per test environment
SSH/PHP Secure
Website monitoring
Website protection
Auto-patching e fix vulnerabilities

Auto-patching, fix vulnerabilities & security shield

Free all the tools to get started with your online business!

SSL certificate

Protect your customers’ data, keep Google happy and enhance your business reputation by displaying the secure padlock icon.

Security you can trust

WooCommerce hosting protects your site. Scan and detect corrupt files and vulnerabilities every day, keeping your site online during a DDoS attack.


We are always by your side: a team of experts is ready to help. Call from Monday to Friday or send a request from your control panel.

Test environment

Experimenting with new features or testing the effects of changes is very easy with our test environments. Copy of your website in 1-click and get to work. You can edit without breaking the online version of your site.

Automatic Hourly Backups

Thanks to the free automatic backups, if you make a mistake during an update it will be possible to restore the previous version of your e-commerce.


Choose the name that best identifies your online project and register it. Each WooCommerce hosting plan includes a domain name.

Unlimited Traffic

You can receive as many visitors as you want, you just have to commit to getting them to your e-commerce. The platform is made to receive a huge amount of visitors, without ever slowing down or going down.

Super-fast cache

Thanks to the dedicated 1GB PHP memory, 1024MB Varnish cache, APCu 128MB HTTP / 2 and OpCache your shop will be lightning fast. We provide you with the essential tools to deliver fantastic service.

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  • What is WooCommerce?

    WooCommerce is the most comprehensive and functional plugin for creating e-commerce sites in WordPress. It is a free online shop system suitable for most small or large e-commerce projects.

    As WooCommerce is an open source system, it is constantly improved and updated with new versions and features adapted to an ever-changing market.

    WooCommerce also allows the installation of various extensions and can be supplemented with additional functions if required.

  • How does WooCommerce work and what is it used for?

    WooCommerce is the most popular WordPress plugin for creating e-commerce sites. It is a flexible, open source solution for creating online shops with the world's most popular CMS (WordPress).

    WooCommerce allows you to sell any type of product online, manage shipping costs and payment methods, and receive orders from all over the world.

    WooCommerce is a free and very flexible plugin that requires no technical knowledge. To create your online shop with WooCommerce, all you need is a hosting platform optimised for WordPress.

    Swizzonic.ch offers WooCommerce hosting solutions with pre-installed WoordPress that guarantee your online shop speed, security and exceptional performance in terms of page load times and stability. In addition, we offer managed WooCommerce hosting solutions to delegate WordPress and plugin updates and website performance monitoring to our technical staff.

  • How much does WooCommerce cost?

    Let's shed some light on the cost of WooCommerce.

    WooCommerce is an open source system that is completely free to install and use. WooCommerce can also be enhanced with additional features and plugins that may be chargeable. So the WooCommerce plugin is completely free in its basic version, but to create an online shop with WooCommerce you need a hosting platform optimised for WordPress.

    This is what we offer you.

  • Do I need a hosting to install WooCommerce?

    Hosting is the set of services that allow a website to be housed on a server to make it accessible online. In short, hosting is a space where the website and all its files can be hosted to make it accessible online.

    WooCommerce is an open source WordPress plugin and can be installed and used free of charge. However, to make a shop created with WooCommerce accessible online, a hosting platform optimised for WordPress is required.

  • What is WooCommerce Hosting?

    A WooCommerce hosting is a hosting service designed and structured to host the content of your e-commerce created with WordPres WooCommerce and make it accessible to users online.

    In short, a WooCommerce hosting is a hosting solution optimised to run the WordPress CMS and WooCommerce plugin and guarantee the speed, security and reliability of your online shop.

    Swizzonic.ch offers WordPress-optimised WooCommerce hosting solutions on a super-fast and always-on platform that provides very fast page load times and maximum stability, even in the event of attacks or high traffic.

    Swizzonic.ch also offers managed WooCommerce hosting solutions, which include technical platform performance as well as website performance monitoring and WordPress, plugin, theme and PHP updates, which are carried out by Swizzonic.ch technical staff.

  • What does the hosting is optimised for WooCommerce mean?

    Swizzonic.ch's hosting offers are optimised for WordPress and WooCommerce. This means that our technical infrastructures and our hardware and software configurations are developed and implemented specifically for the functions and requirements of WordPress and WooCommerce.

    We continuously configure our infrastructures based on expert advice, e.g. by selecting the most suitable or stable PHP version. We automatically correct known security vulnerabilities in WordPress, including plugins.

    At the same time, we offer you the freedom to create your own online shop and install exactly the plugins and themes you want, and take care of the operation and security of your online shop.

    Do you expect a lot of visitors? We offer unlimited traffic to accommodate all visitors to your website and guarantee stability under all conditions.

    In other words, with Swizzonic.ch you have the perfect setup to create and manage a secure, reliable and successful online shop with WooCommerce.

  • What is WooCommerce hosting for?

    The function of WooCommerce hosting is to host an e-commerce website created with WooCommerce, the most widely used WordPress plugin for creating online shops. WooCommerce hosting therefore allows you to create your e-commerce website with WooCommerce and make it accessible online with the best results in terms of security, reliability and loading speed.

    In practice, you get an online shop hosted with WooCommerce hosting, which is secure and optimised, plus a whole range of basic services such as hourly and daily back-ups, unlimited traffic, SSL certificates and personalised email boxes on the domain name.

  • What is Managed WooCommerce Hosting?

    Managed WooCommerce Hosting offers you a space to host your WooCommerce optimised online shop, with specific additional features and services, including the support you need to keep your website up-to-date, secure and fast.

    The term "managed" stems from the fact that the management of the technical platform is delegated to our experts, which brings numerous advantages:

    No intervention on your part. With managed WooCommerce hosting, you can focus on creating and managing your online shop without worrying about updating the CMS or plugins and monitoring the performance of your website.

    Automatic updates. With managed WooCommerce hosting, our experts update WordPress and plugins by running tests in advance to ensure the updates are compatible with your website.

    Monitoring of your website. Monitoring of your online shop is also carried out by our experts, who check performance and response times and ensure that the shop is always online and accessible in the shortest possible time.

    Test environment of your website. This is a real copy of your online shop that you can create with a mouse click. In the test environment, you can try out all the changes you want to make to your shop without affecting the version published online.

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