Microsoft 365


Communicate with your contacts in real time, stay up to date at all times, organise video calls with other users, participate in work meetings, share multimedia files and other useful material.

Why choose Teams of Microsoft 365?


Chat with your contacts: exchange messages and multimedia files, write, share and call. A simple and advanced system to exchange instant messages and immediate telephone calls with your contacts. Communicate in real time and add new contacts whenever you want!

Video calls

Call your contacts by video, organise video calls: see and speak to one another, stay up to date, share information.


Organise your meetings: everything is so much faster and participating couldn't be simpler.


Share your messages, contacts, videos and files. You can always stay up to date and exchange information, data, news and useful material for your work and free time.

Teams is included in the following Microsoft 365 plans

Microsoft 365

59,95 CHF

yearly, including VAT

Microsoft 365
Business Basic

99,95 CHF

yearly, including VAT

Microsoft 365
Business Standard

179,45 CHF

yearly, including VAT

All the Apps and Services included in Microsoft 365

The latest version of one of the most famous Microsoft products, whose strength is the compatibility with mobile devices.

In the world of spreadsheets, you can create tables, charts, and worksheets from any portable device in an easy and intuitive way.

In just a few steps you will have professional and engaging presentations with endearing animations that focus on concepts in attracting attention.

This tool is perfect to create and share your company application, even if you are not a developer.

With email and Outlook Calendar management tools, you can communicate and follow your activities in an easy and intuitive way.

For easy-to-use leaflets, brochures and graphical material, you can export your work in many formats.

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