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Following the requirements introduced for the EU and the United Kingdom, Google is now extending its compliance requirements to Switzerland. From July 2024, publishers targeting users in Switzerland must use a certified CMP that is integrated with the TCF. With iubenda's comprehensive tools, you can easily ensure full compliance.

🇨🇭 Google compliance obligation reaches Switzerland

In a recent major update, Google has tightened its compliance requirements and now requires publishers targeting users in Switzerland to use a certified consent management platform (CMP). This platform must be integrated with the Transparency & Consent Framework (TCF). This measure is part of Google's ongoing commitment to protecting users' privacy and data. It is in line with existing requirements in the European Union and the United Kingdom.

From July 2024, compliance with these requirements will be necessary not only to remain compliant, but also to protect users' privacy and ensure their trust in the services provided. This means that publishers should already be reviewing their platforms and consent processes to ensure they comply with the new Google guidelines. This is the only way to ensure that they can continue to work with Google in the future and that their services comply with the relevant data protection regulations.

With iubenda (the online compliance tool) you are covered for this eventuality. The function is included in every package and can be activated with a few simple clicks.

How to activate the CMP function


Go to your iubenda dashboard and select the website for which you want to adjust the settings. Then click on the "EDIT" button under Privacy Controls and Cookie Solution. You will now find the options for activating the function on the left-hand side. Check whether the “Switzerland” option is activated. If this is not activated, please activate it.



Choose the Opt-in approach. To use this option, you must activate the “GDPR” option. Next, select “Manual configuration” and switch to Opt-in. You will find this option within the “Switzerland” tile.



Ensure that the GDPR is applied to all users.



Activate the “TCF” option and configure it according to your needs.



Last but not least, you need to update your privacy policy and cookie policy. To do this, activate the GDPR information for users in Switzerland and add all third-party services that are used by your website or app, such as Google Analytics. Also list all TCF providers you work with.


iubenda makes online compliance easy

As you can see, with iubenda it is child's play to prepare your online presence for the new requirements for Switzerland. Get started right away and adjust the settings. If you have not yet installed an ibenda package on your online presence, you will find a large selection in the Swizzonic range. All packages include the options described above for compliance in Switzerland. Join thousands of publishers and trust iubenda to adapt to the ever-changing demands of the online compliance world.

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