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SSL Certificate
Unlimited traffic
Email boxes
NVMe SSD disk
Automatic backups
1,00 CHF
monthly, including VAT
instead of "4,00" CHF monthly, including VAT
2,25 CHF
monthly, including VAT
instead of "8,00" CHF monthly, including VAT
4,00 CHF
monthly, including VAT
instead of "12,00" CHF monthly, including VAT
DOMAIN 1 year free 1 year free 1 year free
SSD NVMe DISK 50 GB 200 GB 500 GB
DATABASE MySQL 5x (max 1GB per) 25x (max 2GB per) 100x (max 5GB per)
DATA TRANSFER File Manager/FTP File Manager/FTP/SSH File Manager/FTP/SSH
Kept for 12 hours

Kept for 12 hours

Kept for 24 hours


TRAFFIC Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
512 MB
1024 MB
PHP MEMORY 512 MB 768 MB 1024 MB
PHP VERSIONS 7.3, 7.4, 8.0, 8.1, 8.2 7.3, 7.4, 8.0, 8.1, 8.2 7.3, 7.4, 8.0, 8.1, 8.2
EMAIL BOXES 10x 2GB 50x 2GB 100x 5GB
SERVER LOCATION Brussels Brussels Brussels

*Discounted products:
Offer valid only for new purchases and only for the first year. Upon renewal, the price in the price list will be applied.
By activating the service, you have one month to try it for free. You can deactivate the automatic renewal via your Control Panel within 5 days before the expiration date, otherwise the service will be automatically renewed at the list price.
The included domain is a free domain for the first year. The free domain will not be unlocked within a trial version or if the main product is purchased for free.

Improove your business with the best hosting platform!

Enjoy the best hardware set with Web Hosting.

Everything you need is included.

File manager
Access to the File Manager can easily help you to make changes without establishing an FTP connection.

FTP & SSH Access
You can create FTP users or set up SSH access so you can have direct access to the back-end of your website.

1-click CMS install
Install WordPress or any othe CMS in just one click. The easy control panel allow s you to install the CMS you want to use. Install in one click Drupal, Joomla, Magento and more other.

SSL certificate
Protect your customers’ data, keep Google happy and enhance your business reputation by displaying the secure padlock icon.

Security shield
Web Hosting shield protects your site. Scan and detect corrupt files and vulnerabilities every day, keeping your site online during a DDoS attack.

We are always by your side, a team of experts is ready to solve your problems, via chat, telephone and ticket.

Automatic Backups
You can restore your site to the previous version at any time, hourly backups guarantee you to come back to the desired restore point whenever you want, with 1 click.

Choose and register the name that best identifies your online project and go on!

Email Boxes
Create up to 100x 5 GB mailboxes, with Antivirus and Antispam, and associate them with your domain.

Specially designed platform for web development.

This hosting is ideal for both beginners and experts.
Experts will have great resources and tools for their daily work: high power and performance, fabulous included features, and a platform whose strength is security and speed.

Easy to use panel
Custom SSL
File Manager
Varnish & Redis Cache
AutoGit & Awstats
Fast Backup & Restore
SSH & FTP Access


  • What is a hosting?

    The definition of Hosting is very simple: in IT the term Hosting refers to the service that allows a website to be visible online on the Internet. The name derives from the English term "to host" whose translation means "to host". It is in fact a web space within which the files and databases that make up the site are hosted.

  • What is a Hosting Provider?

    To understand what a hosting provider is, it is first necessary to give a definition of web hosting.
    Hosting is a web space that has certain resources, where a website is hosted to make it accessible via the Internet.
    The companies that deal with providing this web space to their customers are called Hosting Providers.
    In practice, the Hosting Providers host the sites of their customers on their Servers with the responsibility of keeping the hosting services up and running at all times, to ensure that the hosted sites always remain online.
    A web hosting provider, such as, provides various hosting services and Hosting solutions (SWIZZhosting (cPanel), WordPress Hosting,
    Managed WordPress Hosting, etc.) by making a space available to its customers on a secure, fast, flexible and highly performing technical platform.

  • What do hosting services include?

    The hosting services offered by include:

    • Web space
    • Unlimited monthly traffic
    • Personalized Email Boxes
    • Free domain for one year
    • DNS Management
    • Support of the most used programming languages
    • Superfast cache system
    • Databases
    • SSL Certificate
    • Backups
    • High performance
    • Security Shield
    • Simple and intuitive customer area and much more!

    All these tools will allow you to develop and manage your websites independently, in a simple, safe and fast way.

    You can choose between different cPanel hosting and WordPress hosting solutions depending on your needs and website traffic, always counting on a secure, scalable and high-performance web space.

  • How many domains are included?

    Each paid Wordpress Hosting plan includes an Express domain free for one year with the extension chosen from:
    .ch .li .com .de .it .eu .org .net .info .biz .es .fr .mobi .nl gpl .pt ro .ru .tv .uk.

  • Difference between Web Hosting and SWIZZhosting (cPanel)

    Homemade hosting is constantly developing. Taking care of our products helps us to stay up to date in order to offer satisfactory and high performance services.
    A home-made product guarantees maximum attention and many development possibilities, constant updates of software, systems and components

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