Protect your mailboxes from viruses and Spam

Remember that...
To use this product, you must have a domain hosted with Swizzonic.
Technical details

Protects all emails
Filters incoming messages by removing viruses and malware from all emails associated to your domain before delivery, preventing your computer from being infected.

Smart filtering system
By simply marking a malicious or unwanted email, the system will mark it as spam and will start learning from your decisions.

Continuous updating
Thanks to two separate software programs, automatically updated daily on the Nominalia's platforms, viruses are constantly being redefined.

No software to install
The program resides on the Nominalia servers, no installation on your computer is required, the protection also covers mobile devices, filters are pre-set.

Blacklist of domains
List the domain names that you don’t want to receive any emails from in the Management Area.

Management of actions
Handle emails identified as SPAM as you like, delete them permanently, or move them to another folder.

How to activate Antivirus and Antispam

Once you have purchased Antivirus/Antispam, it must be associated with your Swizzonic domain.

Log in to your Customer Area

After you purchase an email package, log in to your Swizzonic Control Panel and associate the product with your domain.

Full protection

Once associated, all emails in that domain will be protected from viruses and SPAM. Not only will active email boxes be protected, but also those that are created in the future.

Manage and customize

You can choose whether to activate or deactivate Antivirus/ Antispam from your Control Panel or set up simple rules for customized SPAM management.

Your questions, our answers

  • What is Antivirus/ Antispam?

    Your email can be a way in for illegal spammers sending emails that are junk, or contain Internet viruses that can damage your computer. They will try a number of tricks to evade standard email verification, however the vast majority can be identified and blocked.

    All our email services at Swizzonic come with Advanced Anti Virus and Spam Protection to help keep your inbox safe.

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