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100% support with GDPR compliance
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Consent database
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Privacy & Cookie Policy
Terms & Conditions
Google Consent Mode v2
Cookie Solution


Consent Solution

Automated site scanning main pages
main pages
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Consent analytics


Register of data Processing activities
Whistleblowing Management Tool

All packages include

Privacy & Cookie Policy
Iubenda immediately analyzes your site and provides you with an up-to-date report on online compliance with actionable suggestions. Just enter the address of your website and receive a 360° view of legal obligations to meet. With implementation, your website becomes GDRP compliant.

Profit from an international Legal Team
We are proud of the professionalism of our legal team. Every one of our 1700+ clauses is expertly crafted by our team of international lawyers. Our solutions make it easier for you to comply with the law and act legally.

Autofilled legal documents
Legal documents can automatically be personalised
to fit your website or company. Our policies can be consulted both in the iconographic version, to allow your visitors to have a simplified overview, and a complete version.

Monthly compliance scan
Every month, iubenda performs a compliance scan of your website. This is to warn you if your web site is exposed to non-compliance risks due to updates or implementations of plugins or any other type of tool that uses cookies or trackers.

Remote document updates
From time to time legal regulations change. We monitor all the major regulations and automatically update our solutions to meet changing requirements so that you don't have to. By hosting your documents, we can help you with staying up to date.

Consent database
In the consent database we keep track of the people who have consented for great insights. The GDPR requires proof that the visitor has given his consent to the processing of personal data. Proof of consent must be kept for as long as the personal data is being processed to comply with legal obligations.


The GDPR applies to organizations, companies, individuals, corporations, public authorities and other entities - including small businesses, charities and nonprofit organizations - that are to offer goods or services (even for free) to people in the EU, or that monitor the behavior of people in the EU, either directly or as a third party.

Iubenda helps you to be GDPR-compliant.

Many solutions to be GDPR compliant


You have a portfolio site
or a blog

Privacy & Cookie Policy
Cookie banner to integrate easy
1 language


Manage an e-commerce
or a private community

Consent Solution
Terms & Conditions documents
More languages available


Big company
with many visitors

High number of page views per month
Consent analytics
Daily compliance scans


How does iubenda work?

Choose your package.

Scanning your website will allow you to understand which iubenda package matches the best to your needs. You will only have to choose if you need a simple or more advanced product.

Scan your website.

In a simple way and with just one click, we analyze your website to understand if it is compliant. The analysis will generate a report with recommendations and solutions to help you become compliant.

Implement the code.

You can integrate the solution you have chosen into your site or app in whatever way you like. We have recommendations for that too.

*The Client acknowledges and accepts that the services described on this page, the contents of iubenda.com and the documents generated using the Iubenda services are provided for informational purposes. Although the clauses and provisions that can be selected in the generator have been drawn up by a team of Iubenda consultants and are subject to constant review and updating, the generation of documents takes place in a fully automated way. Therefore, the Service does not constitute or replace legal advice, nor does it give rise to a mandate relationship between the client and the lawyer. Despite the maximum effort aimed at offering the best possible service, neither Iubenda or Swizzonic can guarantee that the documents generated are perfectly compliant with the applicable law. Customers and Users are therefore advised not to rely on the documents generated with iubenda without the assistance of a lawyer qualified in the relevant legal system(s).

Your questions, our answers. GDPR FAQ

  • What does it mean to be compliant?

    Compliance means conformity. Being compliant therefore means being compliant. In the field of online services, compliance is governed by the GDPR.

    Being compliant means complying with the rules and legal obligations established by the European Regulation with a series of measures that serve to guarantee the protection of visitor data when they browse a site, blog or e-commerce.

  • Why is it important to be GDPR compliant?

    First of all, a website, blog or e-commerce must comply with a legal obligation, secondly it is important to comply with European legislation to explain to visitors what tools are used on the site, if tools are used tracking/profiling or third-party cookies.

    Not only is it an obligation to inform the visitor, it is good practice to offer a professional and compliant service.

  • What should I do to comply with the GDPR?

    To make your website compliant, you should think at a minimum about:

    - Privacy and cookie policy
    - Cookie banner and consent management (Cookie Solution)
    - Consent Database (to record and prove consents)

    In case of e-commerce, also think about having a Terms and Conditions document.

  • How does iubenda work?

    To simplify the process, iubenda guides you step by step.
    All you need to do is scan your website, the tool will tell you what you need to comply with and help you draft a privacy and cookie policy text tailored to your online project.

    Cookies must be considered for transparency and consent. Even if you don't know anything about cookies, iubenda helps you by scanning the website.

    Furthermore, if you have an e-commerce or a private community, iubenda also generates the Terms and Conditions document, essential for advanced websites.

  • What is Whistleblowing?

    Whistleblowing is a corporate compliance tool that allows a company's employees, or third parties (such as suppliers or customers) to report, in a confidential and protected manner, any wrongdoing encountered in the course of their business.

    As of December 17, 2023, the EU Whistleblowing Directive will require organizations with 50 or more employees, with headquarters or subsidiaries in the EU, to set up an internal channel for reporting misconduct such as, for example: privacy violations, financial malfeasance, consumer protection, harassment, environmental issues, etc.

    The new rules also apply, regardless of the number of employees, to those who have voluntarily adhered to the 231 model and wish to retain its benefits.

    Find out more about the new whistleblowing directive here.

  • Is the Whistleblowing Directive relevant for Swiss companies?

    The EU Whistleblower Directive cannot be adopted 1 to 1 for Switzerland. In Switzerland, the law currently stipulates that employees must first report misconduct internally to their employer.

    Only when all internal reporting options have been exhausted and there is a public interest can the employee report the matter to the authorities. If this does not result in any action being taken, the employee can report the misconduct to the public as a last resort.

    With the right communication channels, it may therefore be possible to prevent major crises. It is therefore in employers' own interest to create internal reporting channels for employees. The whistleblower management tool creates such a communication channel where anonymity and confidentiality are guaranteed.

  • What is Google Consent Mode v2?

    Google Consent Mode is a solution provided by Google that helps advertisers comply with data protection regulations related to consent (e.g. the EU GDPR, the Data Protection Directive and the Digital Markets Act) while making the most of Google services such as Google Ads or Analytics. This allows you to comply with consent requirements imposed by data protection laws while understanding how users trigger conversions on a page and respecting users' consent choices for ads and analytics cookies.

    Find out more about Google Consent Mode V2 here

  • What is the compliance obligation for Switzerland all about?

    Following the requirements introduced for the EU and the United Kingdom, Google is now extending its compliance requirements to Switzerland. From July 2024, publishers targeting users in Switzerland must use a certified CMP that is integrated with the TCF. With iubenda's comprehensive tools, you can easily ensure full compliance.

    Learn more here.

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