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As a domain pioneer in Switzerland, we have been successfully assisting customers with the acquisition and management of their domains for over 15 years.

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Register your .swiss domain securely and successfully with us. We are an officially accredited registrar.

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Headquartered in Zurich, your domain data is managed 100% in Switzerland and stays there - securely and reliably.

From April 24, 2024, private individuals can also apply for a .swiss domain. Stay informed with "Alert"! CHECK AVAILABILITY

*For a registration request of a .swiss domain for private individuals made before April 24, 2024, 2:00 p.m., it is considered an early registration request that the customer can already initiate through Swizzonic. Swizzonic does not guarantee in any way the confirmation of registration by the official registration authority and also has no influence on the assessment and procedures for verification by them. For more detailed information on the process in case of rejection of applications, please consult our FAQ.

*All prices on this page are inclusive of VAT. Prices, conditions and offers valid for new domain registrations in the first year. Prices for subscription renewals. For subscription renewals and other services, the GTC apply.

With your .swiss domain you receive free of charge

SiteBuilder Free

Create your website with our powerful site builder! Quick, easy and free. Manage your website completely independently.

1 GB Hosting

1 GB of free web space on which you can use WordPress incl. free AI Site Assistant (AI) to create your website using artificial intelligence. Other CMS can also be installed.

3 Emails

To make your communication even more expressive, you will receive 3 e-mail addresses with the .swiss domain extension of your choice free of charge with your domain.

DNS Management

Manage your DNS settings independently if you wish. You have full control at all times.

∞ Subdomains

Get an unlimited number of subdomains, e.g. blog.simply.swiss for your blog or news.simply.swiss for the latest news.


Access your email online from anywhere and send an unlimited number of emails. Stay up to date at all times!


Boost your local brand with a .swiss domain. The exclusive top-level domain for Switzerland.

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  • What do I have to consider if I want to register a .swiss domain as a company/organization?

    When registering a .swiss domain, there are specific requirements that differ from those of other domain extensions such as .li or .blog. It is important to familiarize yourself with these differences in order to complete a successful registration.

    There are several steps and requirements that must be met in order to successfully register a .swiss domain. These include, for example, checking the availability of the desired domain, complying with the specific registration guidelines and providing the required information.

    It is advisable to research all relevant information and requirements in advance in order to prepare for a successful registration. This includes knowing the registration fees and any additional services offered by the registrars.

    It is also important to note that the registration of a .swiss domain is tied to certain criteria, such as a connection to Switzerland or a certain economic, cultural or social connection. Therefore, it is advisable to find out about these criteria in advance to ensure that the registration is successful.

    You can find all relevant information here.

  • Can I register a .swiss domain as a private individual?

    Starting from April 24, 2024, at 2 p.m., individuals residing in Switzerland and Swiss citizens can apply for the registration of a .swiss domain name. Previously, this was largely reserved for companies with a commercial registry entry. The registration guidelines have been relaxed by the government to allow more people access to this domain extension.

    However, certain requirements must still be met to register a .swiss domain. Swizzonic offers individuals interested in registering a .swiss domain the opportunity to submit an application to the official registration authority. To do so, check the availability of your desired .swiss domain and follow the instructions step by step in the Swizzonic Control Panel.

    All applications will be reviewed by www.nic.swiss starting from April 24, 2024. This is expected to take at least 20 days. You will be notified in due course whether your desired domain has been successfully registered.

    In the event that your .swiss domain is not approved, we will contact you.

    Further information on the requirements for successful registration of a .swiss domain for individuals can be found here.

    Please note that Swizzonic does not guarantee the successful registration of a .swiss domain.

  • Do I meet the requirements to register a .swiss domain as a private individual?

    Whether you meet the requirements for a successful .swiss domain registration depends on several factors.

    The registration of .swiss domains is limited to Swiss citizens or individuals residing in Switzerland. Swiss citizens living abroad may only use .swiss domains for private, charitable, or association purposes. Commercial use of .swiss domains is not permitted without residence in Switzerland. When registering, the AHV number (Swiss social security number) and address must be provided.

    To increase the chances of a successful .swiss domain registration, one of the following criteria must be met:

    - An official surname or surname registered in the civil status register.
    - A first name
    - The alliance name (e.g., Tobias-Töss)
    - A stage name by which the individual is known
    - A name associated with a distinctive sign (e.g., a registered trademark) to which the applicant has rights
    - The common name in a registered partnership
    - A name received in a religious order

    For further information, please refer to the official website at www.nic.swiss.

  • Where can I find my free .ch domain after a successful .swiss domain registration?

    If you successfully register a .swiss domain with Swizzonic, you will receive one .ch domain free of charge for each .swiss domain. You must activate this within 30 days of "purchase", otherwise the entitlement to a free .ch domain will expire. You will find the free .ch domain after successfully registering a .swiss domain in your Control Panel on the right-hand side. The .ch domain also contains many free additional services, which you can use to their full extent.

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