Service Order: Priority Support of Swizzonic Ltd.

This Service Order ("SO") is an integral and substantive part of the General Terms and Conditions of Service ("GTC"). The GTC and this SO establish the terms and conditions for the provision of the Priority Support service by to the Customer. The commercial offer published online on the website forms an integral part of this SO.

1 - Object’s Priority Support service envisages the provision of a privileged and preferential technical support channel with respect to the services provided by concerning domains, email and hosting, SSL certificates, in favour of certain premium clients (the "Service").

The following information and actions remain excluded from this SO and therefore cannot be the subject of the Service:

- Information of a non-public nature concerning 's Customers;
- information to the end user, even if he/she is the assignee of the domain, if he/she is not a direct Customer of ;
- technical information concerning the security mechanisms of the proprietary
- deletion or modification of files and scripts within the Customer's web space;
- debugging of scripts or pages or programs created or installed by the Customer;

Also excluded from this SO are the following operations, which always require a written request authenticated by a control panel and as such cannot be the subject of the Service.

- cancellation, termination, or relinquishment of domains and services provided by;
- contractual renewals of the services provided by;
- requests for access codes to any type of service provided by;
- requests for changes, updates to domains or services provided by;
- operations to be performed by the Customer from his/her control panel;
- request for deletion of one or more messages from a blocked e-mail box;

In any event, does not guarantee support for problems that cannot be traced back to malfunctions in 's systems.

2 - Description of the Service
The Service envisages the possibility for the Customer to receive assistance by telephone, e-mail, or ticket, on a priority basis with respect to all other customers requesting assistance who have not purchased the Service. In order to receive assistance, the Customer shall fill in the form in the control panel of his/her User Area by entering the required information.

The Customer, in addition to the first name and surname and Customer code, shall enter, depending on the Service provision mode selected, the telephone number or email address at which to be contacted, together with the subject of the problem encountered (domain; email; hosting; SSL).

Once the request has been sent, the Customer will be contacted by telephone or email at the number or address indicated, under the terms set out in point 3) below. In the event of a request for telephone assistance, will make three successive attempts to call the number indicated by the Customer, after which it will abandon the call attempt until a new request is made. With different reference to requests for assistance via e-mail and/or ticket, the provision of assistance is understood to be concluded with the acknowledgement by
The control panel includes a report page where the assistance packages purchased
will be summarised. The report page will also indicate, in addition to this data:

I. Date and time of dispatch of request (by e-mail, telephone or ticket) by the Customer
II. Date and time of recall or forwarding of e-mail by
IV. Name of the operator making the call
V. First and last name of the person requesting support
VI. Telephone number or e-mail address given by the customer for contact
VII. Indicated subject matter
VIII. Notes field

At the end of the telephone call or correspondence with the Customer, will send a summary e-mail to the Customer containing the same data indicated above for the report. The report shall then be deemed to have been approved by the Customer 24 hours after the Customer receives the summarising email, if the the Customer doesn't send a reasoned rebuttal by registered mail with return receipt.

3 - Obligations of the Customer
RULES OF USE: The Customer undertakes to use the Service in accordance with Article 6 of the GTC and with this SO and any applicable rules, including regulations.
In particular, the Customer undertakes, during the telephone call or following the receipt of the summarizing e-mail, to follow the Operator's instructions and not to enter content that is not pertinent to the problem encountered, or that may infringe personal rights of individuals, evoke racial and gender discrimination, or offend religious beliefs. Should one or more of these situations occur, the Customer acknowledges that the Operator will immediately proceed to interrupt the call with exoneration of all liability and, if necessary, to inform the competent Judicial Authorities.

4 - Processing of personal data
With reference to the personal data processed in the context of the provision of the Service covered by this SO, will act as data controller, as better specified in the privacy policy available at the following link:

The Customer is obliged to notify any irregularities in the service by registered letter with return receipt, also anticipated by e-mail, within the next 24 hours of their discovery. Failure to report in the manner and within the aforesaid time limits shall relieve of all liability.

6 - 's liability: undertakes to use the best diligence and resources at its disposal to provide the Services covered by this SO. In any event, however, cannot guarantee, just as it does not guarantee, and the Customer acknowledges, releasing from any liability in this regard, the resolution of the problems encountered and reported by the Customer covered by this SO, either during the telephone call or within a predetermined time from the end of the same telephone call.

Furthermore, does not guarantee the result of the assistance in all cases, in particular in cases where the instructions provided by are not followed or the Services provided by that are the subject of this SO are not used in accordance with the specifications provided and communicated by , including those pertaining to updates or miscellaneous. , therefore, cannot be held liable for the damages and/or anomalies that may occur to the Customer due to the failure to resolve the reported problems covered by this SO if such failure is due to events beyond the reasonable control of Swizzonic. may, at any time, interrupt the provision of the Service if justified reasons of security and/or guarantee of confidentiality arise, notifying the Customer in such case. , with 7 days' notice, may also, at its own discretion and for planned interventions, modify or revise the functionalities or characteristics of the Service, guaranteeing in any event adequate functionality.

Under no circumstances may be held liable for malfunctioning and/or interruption of the Service due to events beyond 's reasonable control such as, by way of example: (i) events of force majeure; (ii) events dependent on the actions of third parties such as, by way of example only, the interruption or malfunctioning of the services of telecommunications operators and/or power lines (iii) malfunctioning of the telephone equipment or other communication systems used by the Customer.
In any event, any liability of towards the Customer for damages arising out of this agreement shall not exceed the total amount actually paid by the Customer to in the 6 months prior to the occurrence of the damaging event.

7 - Duration
This SO, and consequently the provision of the Service, shall expire one year after acceptance of the So. On the expiry date, the Customer may purchase a new package on the terms and conditions set out at the time of purchase, which shall be notified to the Customer 30 (thirty) days prior to expiry.

8 - Fees and Payments
The Fees for the provision of the requested Service are those indicated in the offer.
The provision of the Service shall be deemed agreed upon from the moment of payment of the Service fee.

The renewal price will be the list price applied by at the time of the Customer's request to use the Service and displayed to the Customer in the control panel. Payment of the fees for the Service must be made by credit card, or the other payment systems made available on the site at the time of payment, by completing the payment form during the registration or renewal procedure.